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Restful Rhythm Restored

Today my husband's heart stopped. Not forever, not unexpectedly. He has been in a state of atrial fibrillation for weeks--probably months. Meaning, his heart has been a mess of irregular rhythms, working twice as hard while being half as effective. An electric mess of mixed signals. Utter cardiac chaos.

So, today, he slipped off into anaesthetised sleep while his doctor delivered an electric shock to his heart. Stopped it. Then delivered another to start it up again. Within 10 minutes, Mikey woke up, his regular resting rhythm restored. 

This all happened while I sat in a waiting room where Bobby Flay won a cooking show competition with a fish curry on the TV. 

The re-set was immediate and obvious. Not only did he have a better set of numbers lit up on the beeping screen, but his color was restored, his breathing less labored. Tonight he'll sleep without restlessness, deep and restorative. And for all this--for this miraculous intersection of technology and Divine design, I am so, so grateful.

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