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An Offering

If you've read Loving Luther, you've met Therese. And you know a bit of her story, but you can see it all through her eyes here.

This is my first historical novella, and--really--I'm a bit nervous. Because it's a tale. Not a romance, not a woman's story, not anything like I've written before. A bit of mystery, a bit mystical, a miraculous loss of innocence... An Offering came to life because the character, Therese, came to life when I was writing Loving Luther (releasing September 1). The story in An Offering is Therese's story--one that had to be told, but had to be given a life of its own.

Because characters, when we write them, take on a life of their own.

An Offering is a powerful, sweet story that Therese would have told her children, and her grand children, and her grandchildren would tell their grandchildren. For now, you readers are being entrusted with the story. I hope you love it! I hope you'll share it. I can't wait for you all to meet the grown-up Therese. In the mean time, just set aside some time to read a story. See faith unfold in the eyes of a child, and witness a miracle of God's powerful, protective love.

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