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25 - Hour Romance

I don't understand why Hallmark has no movies for this--my favorite night of the year. No, not Christmas Eve, but Fall Back Time Change. I love, love, love my extra hour. I can be extra owl-ish in my night owl schedule. I can wake up before the alarm. For the next few months, I can justify jammies at 6pm. (ok, I do that anyway)

But, think about the plots we could have if Hallmark took this night half as seriously as they do their silly Harvest Moon-a-thon. ...

"Falling Behind" -- in which the extra hour lets the small town factory have one more hour to make their quota so the scruffily handsome corporate executive can walk away from his million-dollar finance career and settle down with the factory owner's feisty granddaughter.

"Love Lights the Half-Time Sky" -- in which the early darkness makes the perfect condition for a half-time fireworks display, thus the scruffily handsome football coach and the new, uptight vice-principal can steal a kiss on the sidelines.

"Forgetting to Fall in Love" -- in which our adorably dingy heroine forgets to change her clock and ends up arriving an hour early to a first day of work at the wrong job. She's ends up working for a scruffily handsome non-specific businessman who needs a secretary to remind him to meet with his clients. (Ironic hi-jinx ensue...)

All of the actresses could attribute their dewey, fresh faces to the extra hour of sleep. The heroes remain scruffy because it's No-Shave November. Nobody has to make cookies, or ice skate, or stroll through fake snow. Nobody has to be named Holly or Kringle. The unappealing "wrong guy" can be from Arizona, where the time stays constant. Arizona wrong-guy is, of course, impeccably groomed.

Happy hour, everyone!

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